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Date Favorited
CONTENTS Editor's Foreword 5 Preface 9 To the Gentle Reader 13 PART FIRST — THE MAIDEN'S WREATH. 1. The Sunflower — Faith. CHAPTER I. How Great a Blessing Is the True Faith 29 II. Keep the Faith 33 III. Whose is this Image? 37 IV. Be Vigilant 41 2. The Ivy — Hope. V. Hope in the Lord 46 VI. God Doeth All Things Well 50 VII. The Blessed Fruits of Patience 54 VIII. Weep Not! 58 3. The Peony — Love of God. IX. Sursum Corda! Lift up Your Hearts! 62 X. Let the Love of God Dwell in Your Heart...
Topics: Catholic Church -- Prayers And Devotions -- English, Young Women -- Religious Life, Catholic...